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Serving Northern California


Bruce Enterprises, Inc. has been in business since 1989 and our reputation is one that we are very proud of.   We have the resources and experience to effectively, efficiently and economically provide high quality results.   We use only materials that meet or exceed State & Federal Specifications.

  • Professional Sales Staff
  • Qualified Crew
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • Referrals upon request

Our professional sales staff can help you select the best service to fit your particular needs, as well as find answers to any industry-related questions you may have.

Our commitment to excellence does not end with our office and sales staff;
we also have knowledgeable striping and signage crews that are well-trained, personable, and dedicated to quality.




    •  Striping and Layout
      • Commercial / Municipal Striping
      • Parking lots
      • Roadways
      • Schools
      • Curb Painting
      • Fire Zone
      • No Parking
      • Stencils
      • Line Removal

Bruce Enterprises, Inc. offers complete layout and line striping services using the best striping equipment and quality paint available. Our superior service is well known by general contractors, commercial building owners, private homeowners, schools and municipalities. We offer competitive quotes and work to complete the job promptly. We offer new layout and re-stripe of existing parking lots, roadways, playgrounds, etc.

The more clearly marked a parking lot is, the safer it becomes. Speed bumps notify drivers that they must slow down. Clearly defined crosswalks give pedestrians a safe passage across busy lanes of traffic. Loading zone signs notify drivers and pedestrians of constant stop-and-go traffic. Bright white “stop bars” give a defined place for vehicles to stop. Directional arrows and stop bars can assist you in influencing the traffic patterns and easing congestion.


    • A.D.A. Compliance & Advice  
      • Detectable Warning Tiles
      • Enforcement Signage

Businesses or privately owned facilities that provide goods or services to the public have a continuing ADA obligation to remove barriers to access in existing parking lots when it is readily achievable to do so. Because restriping is relatively inexpensive, it is readily achievable in most cases.

We possess the ability to stripe your handicap stalls to code and install the proper signage to pass inspection.  We have acquired valuable experience and helpful tools to complete A.D.A. projects in a timely manner.  Whether you have blueprints or not we can assist you with disabled parking and sign installation.

We will execute your design layout and install all necessary line striping and signage to ensure your compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

For more information please visit the following links:


Off Street Parking Signage (Rev.June 6, 2008)


Accessible Parking Off-Street (Rev. June 6, 2008)





General information:




    •  Crack Fill

    Crack sealing your parking area on a yearly basis is the most cost effective way to reduce costly asphalt repairs.  Crack sealing prevents water intrusion - the number one cause of asphalt failure.  Bruce Enterprises, Inc. uses only the highest grade crack sealing material. Crack sealing along with seal coating can help extend the life of your asphalt investment by as much as sixty percent. 



    •  Seal Coating

Seal coating is designed to protect asphalt pavements from the damaging effects of the environment, including moisture and ultraviolet oxidation.  Protecting pavement with seal coating has basically the same effect as using sun block on your skin or varnish on wood - it slows the destructive effects of our climate.

Seal coating also minimizes raveling (the loss of aggregate) and fills minor voids in the surface.  Other benefits include creating a uniform color and appearance for all paved asphalt surfaces and increasing the visibility of curbing.  Seal coating and re-striping of parking spaces and crosswalks improve traffic flow and enhance public safety.



    • Wheelstops 
      • Signage

Wheel stops or bumpers will help protect walls, signs and posts, and utility units from damage by vehicles.  They also keep vehicles from overhanging into pedestrian walkways so the walkways are clear for evacuation and ADA compliance. We install precast concrete rebar reinforced wheel stops secured with drilled rebar spikes.